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Size = XXL

Depending on the application Technolite® offers LCD panel widths up to 2100mm in a single unit. Lengths can be extended up to 3 times the width covering 6m and more.

Low Haze and Lower Haze

Most suppliers focus only on higher transparency while ignoring the angle haze factor. With haze levels as low as 1.8% and transparency up to 91%.

Indoors / Outdoors

Our formulation in combination with advanced materials including nanocoated PET provides a unique resistance against UV decoloration or even IR and solar heat damage even in unprotected applications.

Versatile product range

From the traditional switchable glass to the advanced patterned and pixelated panels, from the newly launched reverse switchable and now the blackout range, Technolite® is truly a leader in the world of smart switchable glass.


Adapt the mood with no compromise: PRIVACY ON DEMAND

Technolite® smart range offers an effortless solution to your privacy needs. Transform your space instantly with the flick of a switch.

Now with the option of endless configurations, ranging from 12 different colour shades, curved, double & triple glazed, fire rated, variable security levels and even shaped glass, Technolite® grants flexibility in building designs and space management, providing unique applications to satisfy the most demanding projects and customers.


When powered (Switched ON), the power module turns the Technolite®. Glass transparent, and once the electrical current stops (Switched OFF), the smart glass returns to an opaque/translucent state. You can either utilize a single power module to operate multiple panels or additional units across the room for a more individual choice of control.

Technolite® smart range offers an effortless solution to your privacy needs. Transform your space instantly with the flick of a switch.

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PDLC technology

The level of transparency depends on the running voltage and this provides the ability to have a dimming control and not only On/Off positions. Still, it will be a mistake to compare the switchable glass with a normal single pane clear glass. As visible in the below representation there are multiple layers and liquid crystal molecules encapsulated between the glass layers which will naturally create some additional haze and reduce transparency compared to a single clear pane of glass.   

off1 (1)
on1 (1)
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